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Northeast Yonkers  

Northwest Yonkers is a collection of widely varying neighborhoods, spanning from the Hudson River to around the New York State Thruway/I-87 and from Ashburton Avenue north to the Hastings-on-Hudson border. With the Hudson River bordering it to the west, this area has many Victorian-era homes with panoramic views of the Palisades. An interest in historic preservation has taken hold in this area, as demonstrated on streets like Shonnard Terrace, Delavan Terrace, and Hudson Terrace.

Neighborhoods include Nepera Park, Runyon Heights, Homefield, Glenwood, and Greystone. Landmarks include the Hudson River Museum, the Lenoir Nature Preserve, and the nationally recognized Untermyer Park and Gardens. Untermyer Park and Gardens is not only Yonkers hidden gem but is the number one attraction in Westchester County. The significant amount of surviving Victorian architecture and the number of 19th-century estates in northwest Yonkers has attracted many filmmakers in recent years.

The two-block section of Palisade Avenue between Chase and Roberts Avenues in northwest Yonkers is colloquially known as “the north end” or “the end.” It was the only retail area in northwest Yonkers and was well known for its soda fountain, Urich’s Stationery, and Robbins Pharmacy. It was once the end of the #2 trolley line, which a Bee-line Bus route has since replaced. One part of Yonkers that is sometimes overlooked is Nepera Park. This is a small neighborhood on the northern part of Nepperhan Avenue on the Hastings-on-Hudson border. Nepperhan Avenue in Nepera Park is also a significant shopping district.


Phillipse Manor Hall was the first Yonkers Village Hall and City Hall site from 1868 to 1906.  Yonkers, New York is governed via a Strong mayor-council system. The Yonkers City Council consists of seven members, each elected from one of six districts, and a Council President to preside over the council. The mayor and city council president are elected in a citywide vote. The current mayor is Democrat Mike Spano, and the Council President is Michael Khader.


Yonkers has the eleventh-highest rate of public transit ridership among cities in the United States, and 27% of Yonkers households do not own a car. EZ Yonkers Junk Removal

Westchester County Bee-Line Bus System provides bus service in Yonkers, the second-largest bus system in New York State, and some MTA Bus Company express routes to Manhattan. Yonkers is the top origin and destination for the Bee-Line Bus service area, including Westchester and the northern Bronx. The Getty Square intermodal hub sees passenger levels in the millions annually.

Nearby Restaurants

  • Cabaña Bar and Restaurant is located at 206 Ashburton Ave, Yonkers, NY
  • Clarke’s is located at 1275 Saw Mill River Rd, Yonkers, NY
  • Gianna is located at 1034 N Broadway, Yonkers, NY


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