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Nepperhan’s median real estate price is $525,358, which is more expensive than 52.4% of the neighborhoods in New York and 78.7% of the U.S.  The average rental price in Nepperhan is currently $2,429, based on NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis. Rents here are currently lower than 50.4% of New York neighborhoods.  Nepperhan is an urban neighborhood (based on population density) located in Yonkers, New York.  Nepperhan real estate comprises medium-sized (three or four bedrooms) to large (four, five, or more bedroom) single-family homes and small apartment buildings. A mixture of owners and renters occupies the most residential real estate. Many of the residences in the Nepperhan neighborhood are older, well-established, built between 1940 and 1969. Several residences were also built before 1940.

The Neighborhood Characteristics

The way a neighborhood looks and feels when you walk or drive around it can make all the difference from its setting, buildings, and flavor. This neighborhood has some cool things about its looks and feels. This might include anything from the housing stock to the types of households living here to how people get around.

With a nice mix of college students, safety from crime, and decent walkability, the Nepperhan neighborhood in Yonkers rates highly as a college student-friendly place to live and one that college students and their parents may want to consider. An analysis shows that it rates more highly for a good place for college students to live than 88.3% of the neighborhoods in NY. This often also means that the area has certain amenities and services geared towards college students, from undergraduates to graduate students. EZ Yonkers Junk Removal


Boston’s Beacon Hill blue-blood streets, Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish enclaves, Los Angeles’ Persian neighborhoods. Each has its own culture derived primarily from the ancestries and culture of the residents who call these neighborhoods home. Likewise, each neighborhood in America has its own culture – some more unique than others – based on lifestyle, occupations, types of households – and importantly –the ethnicities and ancestries of the people who live in the neighborhood. Understanding where people came from and who their grandparents or great-grandparents were can help you understand how a community is a today.

In the Nepperhan neighborhood in Yonkers, NY, residents most commonly identify their ethnicity or ancestry as Dominican (20.6%). There are also several people of Sub-Saharan African ancestry (5.9%), residents who report Italian roots (5.7%), some residents are also of Puerto Rican ancestry (4.5%), along with some Polish ancestry residents (3.7%), among others. In addition, 18.5% of the residents of this neighborhood were born in another country.


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