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Nodine Hill  

Nodine Hill has excellent potential to be a desirable place to live and work. The community’s two most significant assets – its residents and its location – have served it well in the past. Still, lately, it has experienced deterioration of roads, sidewalks, and other public facilities and disinvestment and neglect of some of its private properties. But these assets can be leveraged in a careful effort to improve conditions and better link its future to the energy and renaissance of the City. The City of Yonkers, New York acknowledges Nodine Hill’s decline in conditions and desirability in recent decades. Having initially focused on cataloging the community’s deficits, the City now proposes addressing these deficits through a Neighborhood Master Plan to improve the community for its residents and Yonkers, NY as a whole.

The City’s remarkable return to vibrancy – most notably in its waterfront and downtown, but in its neighborhoods– can also benefit Nodine Hill. The extensive renewal activities in the Ravine and Ashburton Avenue corridors, and comprehensive redevelopment projects between Getty Square and Nepperhan Avenue, present an opportunity to support efforts to upgrade conditions in Nodine Hill. The city, therefore, is proposing this Master Plan with concrete actions under a defined timeline to restore the community’s vitality.

Nodine Hill’s resources of moderately-priced housing, proximity to transit and major regional roads, views toward the Hudson River and the Palisades beyond, and its principally low-rise residential-scale are valuable strengths for its residents. The existing housing stock’s moderate density, the neighborhood’s mixed-uses of housing and street-front commercial, and its convenient access to center-city Yonkers are assets that the Master Plan will recommend to be maintained and supported.

Nodine has many other assets that The Master Plan can reinforce. The neighborhood’s currently unused Cochran Park, situated at one of the highest points in the City, with commanding views of the City and the Lower Hudson Valley, can join nearby Fleming and Sullivan Oval Parks as community recreational assets. Cochran Park’s unique position and limited access can be leveraged to benefit residents, and the park should emerge as a signature landmark for the whole City.

The neighborhood’s streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, pedestrian crossing zones, street trees, and water delivery systems are in poor condition. The Master Plan’s attention to these critical supporting elements – and its call for their significant improvement – will benefit residents and prepare the neighborhood for decades of use to come. EZ Yonkers Junk Removal


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